Monday, October 8, 2018

DOCTOR WHO - Series 11 First Impressions

It's hard to go backward. 

I have seen the new Doctor Who... And ... it's merely OK. 

This issue is NOT Jodie Whittaker, the issue is NOT a female Doctor. I like Jodie just fine, and although it feels a little weird to be... "attracted" to the Doctor, that's not a problem.

The problem is that Chris Chibnall isn't half the writer that Steven Moffat is, and not even close to half. 

Folks who didn't like Moffat because he was to clever for them, folks who preferred the Russell Davies iteration of the show, those folks are probably going to be happy with the new series.

I am not.

For me, the best bits of the Davies years were the bits that were written by Moffat. His scripts were clever, challenging, and engaged with the show's basic concepts in timey-wimey ways that were never attempted before.
 Whereas Davies was content with simply contemporizing the old show and making its surface bright and shiny for a modern audience. Where Davies was a modern-day John Nathan-Turner, Moffat was more a modern Phillip Hinchcliffe. With Chibnall, we're back to a Doctor Who that is all on the surface, with no hidden depths whatever. 
That's the issue. I'm on board for the whole season, and who knows what it will bring, but if it doesn't start to offer more depth, than then this will be the last series I pay money for.



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