Wednesday, August 21, 2019


UPDATE 8/22/19

Added one mini-review to the Audio Adventures page, and added comments for Disk 2 ("Meglos") for the "Tom Baker Complete Season Seven" Blu-Ray.
UPDATE 8/22/19

Changed the color scheme for posts to plain ol' black and white, because I was tired of trying to make the colors turn out the way they were supposed to, and even more tired of the eyestrain. I may have to tweak the look of the whole site. Well, we'll see.

Also added a little comment below that's not even worth mentioning.
UPDATE 8/17/19

Added mini reviews for THE MUTANT PHASE (Davison) and THE EVIL ONE (Tom Baker) to "The Audio Adventures" page.

UPDATE 8/11/19

Added specific remarks for Disk One of TOM BAKER" COMPETE SEASON SEVEN.

UPDATE 7/24/19

Added a short and very basic review of the new Blu-Ray releases. I put this on its own page, accessible from the sidebar over there --> ...

... because it's my intention to add on and embroider this piece as I actually work my way through the disks and the sets. Yeah, wish me luck with that!

More to come... while months may go by between updates, rest assured this site is not dead! Perhaps a little green around the gills, but not dead yet!


UPDATE: 3/28/19

This week I added a new post here on the main page (just scroll down!) concerning series 11, and today I added a longish article, updated from a much shorter piece on the old site, ranking all of my favorite Doctors. It's been given a page of its own; you can access it from the PAGES menu in the sidebar!

It needs graphics. We'll see about that. Right now it's more important to write real content and just get that content online the fastest way possible.

Further updates... as they occur! Thanks for visiting!

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