Monday, September 25, 2023

60th Annual-versity Trailer


The trailer for the 60th Anniversary Show has dropped. I for one cannot believe that it's been ten years since the FIFTIETH. I guess this means that "Dismay at how quickly the time has passed" is my strongest reaction to what the trailer shows us.

Other than that?

You can't tell from a trailer.

Keep that in mind when I say that while some fans are doing cartwheels and exploding with delight, I'm a little bit underwhelmed, but still willing to be Convinced.

What the trailer gives us to chew on is Fan Service and Member Berries, and little else.


There are shots of Catherine Tate slipping seamlessly back into the character of Donna Noble; shots of David Tennent working too hard (I mean WAY too hard) and a single shot. of Ncuti Gatwa working Not At All.

There are indications that it's all very, very Russell Davies. Those who rate his tenure on WHO as the Best Ever ought to be heartened by that. For my part, IMHO the best things Davies did for the show were to re-create it with style, substance, and a solid understanding of Doctor Who's Inner Workings -- and then to bring Steven Moffat on board. 

A friend of mine has an expression for times like these: "more sizzle than steak."

Davies brought the sizzle to DOCTOR WHO -- Moffat brought the steak.

And after Chris Chibnall's disgraceful run, we desperately, URGENTLY need MEAT on the plate. 

Will we get it? That's still to be revealed. You can't tell from a trailer. This trailer says to me that Davies is trying, I'll certainly give him that much. Maybe he'll forgive me if it doesn't make me roll over onto my back with all four feet in the air and my tongue hanging out, the way some fans are reacting to it.

Me? The abuse of the Chibnall era was too severe, and is still unhealed. This dog is peering cautiously around the furniture, ready to approach -- or bolt.


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