Monday, September 4, 2023

Sick of Multiverses.


If anything is possible, then nothing matters.

I'm hearing rumbles that Russell T. Davies will address "The Timeless Children" by NOT addressing it; by saying it's a "possible" story in an endless sea of Possibility. 

Essentially, by saying "It's All Good,"

This is quite simply a COP OUT -- and nowhere near Good Enough.

If anything is possible, then Nothing Matters, and if Nothing Matters, why should anyone CARE about Doctor Who going forward? I'd rather see the show cancelled for good and all then to continue with that kind of a Shit Philosophy.

Of course this is all speculation until it happens (because in the real world Things DO Happen and Things DO Matter and Actions Have Consequences), but it seems likely given other things Davies has done in the past (like his rubbish Alternate Universe Cybermen). Meanwhile, fans have already put Davies and Co. On Warning that "The Timeless Children" needs to be wiped out of Doctor Who history if they expect us to stay on board as viewers and fans.

Dear Mr. Davies, were you not paying attention these last few dismal years?

We will not accept cop-outs, cheats, laziness or logrolling. I understand about not wanting to hang a fellow writer out to dry, but it needs to be made clear. Chris Chibnall KILLED Doctor Who. He took a gigantic crap all over the show and the fans, and it MUST be cleaned up. As a fan, I'd be willing to accept a lot of Rubbish, and I have done so in the past, it must be said. But now I have just ONE non-negotiable demand, and this is it.

It would be so EASY to retcon "The Timeless Children" out of existence. So just bite the bullet and DO IT if you want to hang onto what's left of your audience.

If Anything Goes, then Nothing Matters and the creators of the show have no respect for their audience. I for one have stoped rewarding creators for Disrespect. This is a "line in the sand" moment. There is Some Shit I Will Not Eat.


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